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Monroe County Courthouse

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Built in 1911, the Classical Revival features of the Monroe County Courthouse in Clarendon, Arkansas included a beautiful domed stained glass skylight in the courtroom.  Not only had its brilliant colors become buried by over 100 years of dirt and pigeon droppings, it had also been beaten up from years of abuse.  The stained glass panels were repeatedly pulled out to replace light bulbs below; it was truly held together with duct tape and baling wire, with vacant spots scattered across it from missing pieces of colored glass.


Being in such disrepair, this was a real challenge for the Soos Stained Glass craftsmen to salvage it.  The domed skylight was cautiously removed.  Work had to be done wearing respirators because of the severe contamination from dirt and pigeon droppings.  The glass was cleaned before work could begin, revealing the lovely colors obscured for many years.  Portions of that glass panels of the dome were rebuilt and all pieces were cleaned and repaired.  Galvanized reinforcement was added to maintain structural integrity.  When reinstalled, it was a dramatic change, illuminating the bright colors and classic design.  Once again, the Soos talent allows a treasured creation to be appreciated by future generations.

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