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Restoration Portfolio

Stained glass windows play an important part in the history of a church, organization, or community. Soos Stained Glass is privileged to assist in preserving and restoring that history.  We have restored many stained glass windows that have suffered the effects of weather exposure, fires, storm damage, vandalism, and structural problems related to original construction deficiencies.

Some restorations after a tornado may begin with a small box of broken glass shards and a photo from someone’s wedding that barely shows the damaged stained glass window in the background.  While the project may start from a tragedy, there is always a satisfied client at the end, when the church is returned to its original glory.

The repair and restoration of stained glass windows has always been a special interest and pride of our studio. We always strive to maintain the historic fabric of the original window at all times.  This work includes careful documentation of all work and the disassembly, cleaning, conservation, and reuse of all of the original glass when possible.  A special effort is made to carefully match the original glass or to repaint new glass when the originals are missing.  The final steps include the rebuilding of the windows with restoration alloy lead came, careful waterproofing, and the soldering of galvanized steel reinforcing on the windows to ensure they remain structurally sound.

All the property of our customers is fully insured against loss while in our custody during any repair or restoration project.

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