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Protective Glazing

Soos Stained Glass is very experienced in the installation of protective glazing over stained glass in historic churches and other buildings.  Special care is taken to provide glazing that not only protects the stained glass but also allows for proper ventilation to prevent condensation that can lead to the deterioration of stained glass windows and any wood frames. We also design the frames that do not detract from the exterior architecture of the building.  These protective window installations usually consist of welded anodized aluminum frames glazed with tempered glass.  Our work often replaces poorly installed plastic glazing that has discolored and degraded with age.

Protective glazing can provide many benefits to churches, homes, and public buildings. These benefits include:

• protection of valuable stained glass

• increased energy efficiency

• preservation of wood frames

• UV light reduction

• reduced heat gain

• reduction of sound transmitted from the outside environment

Soos Stained Glass is a designated dealer and installer of Allied Window storm windows. 


Allied Window provides many styles of specialty storm windows that have been used on numerous historic public and private buildings across the country. In 2011, we successfully installed 567 Allied storm windows on the Pulaski County Courthouse in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This was a complex installation of low-e glass and aluminum storm windows that contained many curved and bow shaped windows that were often in hard to access locations.

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