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Religious Portfolio

Stained glass in religious buildings has always been the mainstay of our business.  Our goal is to always produce stained glass windows that reflect the beliefs and spiritual strengths of our customer’s religious community. The craftsmen at Soos Stained Glass act as translators to create stained glass that transforms the client’s spiritual beliefs into glorious stained glass windows. The uplifting power and beauty of stained glass can be a powerful visual addition to the liturgy, atmosphere, and inspiration of any religious congregation.

Our resume of commissions includes hundreds of religious spaces around the country, ranging from small country churches to large churches with windows of 72 feet wide by 48 feet tall.  Each project is unique and important; all Soos Stained Glass customers receive our undivided attention and talents, regardless of the size of the project. We will always strive to enhance the worship space of churches and synagogues.

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