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Tiffany Restoration

In 2019, Soos Stained Glass had the privilege of being asked to restore a documented original 1889 Tiffany Studio Window for First Presbyterian Church of Dyersburg, Tennessee. The window had developed structural problems over the many years with dirt and putty building up between the multiple glass layers and some broken glass.


The 130-year-old window was extensively documented and photographed in place prior to removing it from its original frame. The window was carefully packed in wooden crates and transported hundreds of miles to the Soos Studio in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  


A large custom-built tilting worktable was constructed to accommodate the oversized center panel of the window. This table allowed the Soos craftsmen to meticulously disassemble the thousands of pieces of glass and lead that created the original Tiffany window.  Each piece of glass was thoroughly cleaned and the window rebuilt with restoration-grade lead.  Any broken glass was edge-glued and repaired with conservation-grade epoxy.  The main layer of colored glass was reconstructed, and then the 2 to 3 plated layers of glass of the original work.  Additional reinforcement was added to the window to correct and prevent structural problems. 


After four months of painstaking effort, the irreplaceable Tiffany Studio window was transported back to First Presbyterian and installed in a new aluminum frame and laminated glass exterior glazing.  It is once again the focal point for the sanctuary.  The pictures below show what a dramatic difference this restoration made in a priceless work of art.


Soos Stained Glass was honored to be entrusted with this treasure.  Few studios can accomplish this task or have the opportunity to work with an original Tiffany Studio creation.  The talent of the Soos craftsmen allows this authentic Tiffany window to be enjoyed by the church members and the community for centuries longer.

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