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First Baptist Church Jonesboro Restoration

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The goal for Soos Stained Glass is to conserve as much of original windows as possible, preserving the historic fabric of the window. For First Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the plated Tiffany-style windows that graced each service for many years needed the expert attention of Soos craftsmen.


The three large windows had structural issues and many years of dirt had gathered between the multiple layers of glass.  The stained glass panels were carefully removed  from the building and transported to the North Little Rock studio for restoration.  Independently, the windows were photographed and rubbings of the original leading were made on paper before the windows were deconstructed.  After cleaning and repair, each layer was rebuilt, broken glass replaced or edge-glued, soldered and glazed.  A complete rebuild of these three striking windows allowed them to return to their full glory.  


The individual windows were reinstalled in the original frames after reinforcement to correct the structural problems.  They now shine for the congregants to enjoy during each service.  

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