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State Capital Building 

Little Rock AR

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Soos Stained Glass has definitely left its mark on the Arkansas State Capitol. For over 30 years, Soos has tended to the needs of the monumental structure completed in 1915. 


Significant work at the Capitol has including replacing all of the glass in the Rotunda, the striking centerpiece of the building interior. The stained glass domes of the two legislative chambers, flanking the center stone dome, have been restored through the years by Soos.  This work is painstaking in such an important public building.  It requires care and many hours up on scaffolding above the chambers.


The barrel-vault skylights in the Capitol hallways required adding copper channels to facilitate ventilation in recent years.  This innovation was needed to reduce temperatures in the upper space under the vaults, which was getting too hot and causing deterioration of the four wall murals above.  The channels constructed allowed fans to pull the hot air out and preserve the murals at the top of the grand staircases leading to the House and Senate chambers.  


Soos again found a custom solution to an on-going problem while maintaining the artistic integrity of the murals and the design of the barrel-vault skylights.

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